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The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO), a technology standards development body, has created a data standard and XML specification for mortgage related data. The MISMO standards are grounded in an open process to develop, promote and maintain voluntary electronic commerce procedures and standards that allow mortgage lenders, investors in real estate and mortgages, servicers, industry vendors, borrowers, and other parties to exchange real estate finance-related information and eMortgages more securely, efficiently and economically (source:

In order to support effective data exchange, MISMO standards encompass the entire loan life cycle, including origination, servicing, loan delivery and investor reporting, thereby creating a holistic view of loan and pool delivery data. Along with promoting data exchange between business partners, MISMO standards improve the quality and accuracy of the data exchanged by providing a common set of business terms and definitions.

Ginnie Mae's Pool Delivery Dataset (PDD)

Ginnie Mae has created the Pool Delivery Dataset (PDD) which leverages the MISMO Residential Specifications Version 3.3 Reference Model. Ginnie Mae’s PDD is a subset of the MISMO reference model data points and provides a comprehensive list of data points for single family at issuance pool delivery data. However, Ginnie Mae’s PDD is specific to Ginnie Mae’s business model and therefore contains some unique data points that may not be a part of other MISMO compliant datasets within the mortgage industry. The new PDD is an XML based file and applies to single family forward loans only. The file does not apply to HMBS reverse mortgages. 

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Ginnie Mae MISMO Adoption Timeline Update

Ginnie Mae's technology modernization initiative has many interdependent projects that increase the effort's level of complexity and duration. We are assessing how these projects will impact the PDD implementation plan so that we can ultimately provide Issuers an accurate timeline. Once we have finalized the timeline, we will communicate it to the Issuer community.


Last Modified: 9/18/2015 7:13 AM