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Ginnie Mae publishes Data Disclosure related announcements to investors interested in receiving disclosure notices.


The Ginnie Mae Disclosure Bulletin of September 18, 2015 announced an interim file, the Factor A Additional file, “” to address incomplete reporting on Multiple Issuer Pools.  This file will be discontinued as of the December reporting period, with the last file posted on the 4th Business Day of January, 2017.  The Factor A Additional file has been published until such time as Ginnie Mae could increase the completeness of the Factor A file, “”.  This goal has been met, and therefore the Factor A Additional file will be discontinued, after the last posting on January 6th, 2017.

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to ​ 

The Ginnie Mae Factor A GI and GII files are Factor files with preliminary data and are subject to final data corrections, based on reporting by Ginnie Mae Issuers. The Factor A files values are not final for the month and at the time they are released, Ginnie Mae’s window for data corrections is still open. This month’s Factor A GII file ( has incomplete records for some Multi Issuer Pools.

Based on the final Security RPB reporting from Issuers, Ginnie Mae will publish complete and updated final Factor Files (“Factor B File”) of Ginnie Mae I and Ginnie Mae II pools on the 6th Business Day of the month. The Ginnie Mae Factor B GI and Factor B GII files will be posted on the Disclosure Data Download page on the scheduled 6th Business Day, 8:00 PM .

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to

Ginnie Mae’s REMIC Trust number, 2016-109, contains a total of 43 Trust Asset Groups (or Subgroups) for its “Ginnie Mae I” Trust Asset Type. The valid Subgroups within Security Group 10 range from 10A through 10QQ. These subgroups are for the description of the “IO” and therefore are informational and do not have CUSIPs.

Note that because of the large number of subgroups, the subgroup identifiers require 4 positions: e.g. 10AA, 10BB, etc. Subgroups customarily have been 3 positions but for this REMIC deal subgroups have been expanded to 4 positions. Users to should examine their systems to ensure processing of 4 position subgroups, as applicable.

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to
Beginning on September 7th (the 4th Business day of the month) at 7:30 PM, Ginnie Mae will begin publishing a new HMBS Supplemental file (named “HSuppl_YYYYMM.txt”) on the Disclosure Data Download page. The purpose of this file is to provide data for current-period values for the Security Interest Rate for active, HMBS Fixed Rate “RF” Pool Type pools. The file will be provided in the Other section on the Disclosure Data Download page. The HMBS Supplemental file layout and sample file are attached for reference.

Background: Field 9, the “Pool Interest Rate”, on the Factor II files ( and currently provides the original interest rate and not the current-period interest rate for HMBS “RF” Pool Types.

A future enhancement to the G2 Factor files will correct the “Pool Interest Rate” (field 9) for HMBS “RF” Pool Types; until then, the “HSuppl_YYYYMM.txt” file will provide the interest rate as of the Report Period. Note that there is no change to the Factor files related to this bulletin and that this bulletin only relates to HMBS “RF” Pool Types.

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to
Regarding June Report Period 2016 ARM Pool Prospective Interest Rates (Factor II files only): ​​Ginnie Mae’s June Report Period 2016 Factor B II file (published on the Disclosure Data Download page on July 11) did not contain the Prospective Interest Rates for ARM pools adjusting in July 2016. The June Factor B II file will not be replaced. For users that require the new rates for ARM Pools adjusting effective July 1, please use the Factor A II file published on the 4th Business Day of August (published August 4).

Investors are able to obtain the missing June Prospective Interest Rates (field 16 of the Factor II file) from the July Report Period Factor A II file, Pool Interest Rate (field 9 of the Factor II file). The July Factor A II file was posted August 4th, with the correct adjustment information and correct rates to be effective for July 1 with payment adjustment 8/20/2016. For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to

Related to the June 20th, 2016 Disclosure bulletin, Ginnie Mae is extending the time for Data Disclosure users to transition from existing website page references to the enhanced web site page references from today, June 27th to July 31st. Users will not be able to access the old page references (referred to as "Existing Page References" in the June 20th bulletin) after July 31st, 2016. As of June 27th, both the "Existing Page References" and "New Page References" in the June 20th bulletin will be active for valid registration accounts.

Users may need to adjust their automation scripts for downloading disclosure content from the page references in the "New Page References", including generating a new cookie in their registration account to include the following:

1) Change the hostnames and path of the Data Disclosure Bulk Page in the download script from the current to the new link listed below:

2) Confirm the ability to perform a download using the automated script and existing cookie for your disclosure download profile.

If this doesn’t work, sign out and log back into the data disclosure download page, generate a new cookie and update the cookie value in the automated script, if required.

For any questions, please reach out to or

Ginnie Mae is providing additional downloadable files on the Disclosure Data Search  page when a user searches by a Platinum Pool ID or Platinum CUSIP. Platinum Collateral and Prospectus Files will be available for download at the bottom of the search results in a section labeled “Platinum Collateral and Prospectus Files”. (Example: When searching Pool ID 780001, the related Platinum Collateral and Prospectus Files display for download).

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to


Ginnie Mae is providing notification of planned web site enhancements that Ginnie Mae is making on June 25th and 26th, 2016. During these two days, users should expect access to the site, including the Disclosure Data Download page, to be unavailable. Access to the site will be restored by June 27th. The attachment to this bulletin shows the existing and future web site page references for key Data Disclosure pages relating to this enhancement.

For general questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to For technical questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to or​


​​The publishing of the HMBS Enhanced Pool Daily (“hdailyenh.txt”) file on Thursday, May 5th did not occur at the 7 PM scheduled time.  Ginnie Mae has now published the May 5th "hdailyenh.txt" file on the Disclosure Data Download page. 

Note:  There is no change to Ginnie Mae’s release schedule for this file:  7 PM every Monday-Friday.  For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to​

Ginnie Mae is making available the Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Multifamily Loan Level Disclosure Layout, version 1.0, for disclosure of Monthly Multifamily Loan-Level information.

The Monthly Multifamily Loan Level Disclosure production file release will begin on the 6th business day of April 2016 (April 8th). Going forward, it will be released on the 6th business day of every month.

For questions or comments related to this layout file, please send an e-mail to​

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