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Application Process


Beginning September 1, 2014, applicants will be required to file applications for Ginnie Mae Issuer approval electronically via Ginnie Mae's new Application Connection portal, which can be accessed here: New Issuer Application.  All applicants will need to submit the information listed in the Ginnie Mae Issuer Application Checklist. Once an applicant has registered on Application Connection, the applicant will have thirty days to complete the application. 

Ginnie Mae also strongly encourages applicants to complete the following two courses through Ginnie Mae Online University: “Ginnie Mae 101” and “Applying to Ginnie Mae” before starting an application for Ginnie Mae MBS Issuer approval. Ginnie Mae's Online University is accessible from Ginnie Mae's website and provides free access to training about Ginnie Mae, the role and responsibilities of a Ginnie Mae Issuer, and how to apply for Ginnie Mae approval.

Please note that Ginnie Mae has revised its minimum net worth requirements for applicants who wish to participate in multiple Ginnie Mae program types (single-family, multifamily, home equity conversion mortgages (HMBS), and/or Title I manufactured home loan-backed securities). Ginnie Mae has revised Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 7 of the Ginnie Mae Mortgage-Backed Securities Guide 5500.3, Rev.1 (MBS Guide) to address the new application process and eligibility requirements. Please direct any questions you may have about the application and Issuer eligibility for approval to Ginnie Mae's application hotline at (202) 475-7826.

Issuer Application Resources

Issuer Application Courses

Last Modified: 9/2/2014 5:35 AM