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Doing Business with Ginnie Mae

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Multiclass Participants Memoranda (MPMs)

All Multiclass Participants Memoranda (MPMs) can be accessed via our online library (powered by AllRegs) or downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF) from this page. Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Only a subset of MPMs are listed on this page. In order to access all MPMs back to year 2002, please click here. Please direct any questions you may have to your Ginnie Mae Account Executive in the Office of Issuer and Portfolio Management at (202) 708-1535 or to the Office of Capital Markets at (202) 401-8970.

MPM NumberMPM TitlePublished Date
MPM 14-03Change in Methodology Used to Calculate Final Distribution Date for Accretion Directed Classes in Ginnie Mae Multifamily REMIC and MX Transactions and Revised Accountants’ Agreed-Upon Procedures Report9/12/2014
MPM 14-02Fee for Transactions with Separately Collapsible Security Groups9/12/2014
MPM 14-01Change in Sponsor Representation Regarding Mortgage Loan Delinquency Status and Trustee’s Determination of LIBOR Using the ICE LIBOR Method3/12/2014
MPM 13-06Announcement of Updates to All Parts of the Ginnie Mae Multiclass Securities Guide12/31/2013
MPM 13-05The Exclusion of Non SF MBS Pool Types as Collateral in the Ginnie Mae Platinum Securities Program 12/3/2013
MPM 13-04HMBS Prospectus Updates10/23/2013
MPM 13-03Release of Loan-Level Information8/1/2013
MPM 13-02Change in Policy Allowing Trust Assets to be Subject to a Repurchase Agreement between Pool Wire Dates and Closing Dates8/1/2013
MPM 13-01Change in Policy Regarding Increased Minimum Denomination Designation of Weighted Average Coupon Classes in Single-Family Transactions2/28/2013
MPM 12-01Redemption Price Payable in Connection with Redemption of Ginnie Mae Multiclass Callable Trust Pass-Through Securities May Include a Premium; Redemption Date May be as Early as the Third Distribution Date9/26/2012