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Doing Business with Ginnie Mae

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​Document Custodians

Document custodians play an important role in the Ginnie Mae process.

A document custodian must hold documents related to the pooled mortgages on Ginnie Mae's behalf for the life of the pool or loan package. Prior to submission of a pool or loan package for processing, it is the Issuer's responsibility to select an eligible institution to serve as document custodian. Appendix V of the Ginnie Mae MBS Guide contains eligibility requirement information for document custodians.

The document custodian works directly under the Issuer. While an Issuer may use different document custodians for different pools or loan packages, each pool or loan package must have only one document custodian.

If you are a document custodian and you have questions, please contact Ginnie Mae's Document Custodian hotline at (888) 446-6434 or send an e-mail to

Last Modified: 3/27/2013 1:05 PM