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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

This FAQ is for summary purposes only. All terms and conditions of the MBS Program are in the applicable Guaranty Agreement and the Guide. Where there is any inconsistency between this FAQ and the applicable Guaranty Agreement or the Guide, the provisions of the applicable Guaranty Agreement or the Guide will govern.
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What is the PDD Implementation Guide: Appendix F - Legacy to MISMO Translation?
Will Ginnie Mae accept data in the legacy flat file format during the implementation period?
How can I learn more about the MISMO standard?
For a new CL pool/loan in RFS, why are the loan and security balance doubled?
If changes are made in RFS to correct pools/loans to match the HUD form 11710D, when will the alerts clear?
Why is there an 11710D alert for loan count when the number of loans matches the summary screen?
Can the New Pool Correction Help Desk correct an error on a pool submitted via GinnieNET?
Where are the cut-off times for Multifamily pool submissions published?
What are the processing times for Multifamily pools?
How are the review month and review level determined for a Multifamily compliance review?