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All Participant Memorandum (APM)
APM 19-04: Updated MBS Guide Format
Published Date: 6/13/2019 6:00 AM

As part of a multi-phase effort to implement a new formatting structure for the MBS Guide, Ginnie Mae is hereby announcing updates to the numbering convention used to identify the headers and clauses in all 35 MBS Guide chapters. Please note that no substantive policy changes are being implemented by this revision.

Effective immediately, each MBS Guide chapter will reflect the following convention to identify the level of each of its clauses. Chapter sections will be identified first by Chapter number, followed by a “Part”, then followed by a section number, and followed by subsequent, consistent alphabetical and romanette letters. For example, a citation to a subpart of Chapter 24 would read “Chapter 24, Part 2, Section A(1)(c)(i)”.

In connection with this update, the PDF version of each chapter published on our website will reflect two additional changes. First, a new outline format that is different from the two-column format that was previously used, and second, red text under each part or section, as may be applicable, will indicate the effective date of the various clauses.

For your reference and convenience, we have included a pdf file containing the previous version of all 35 chapters as well as an excel file containing a few examples that map citations in the previous version of the Guide to the new citation format. Both of these documents appear on our website as attachments to this memorandum.

Please contact your account executive directly with any questions.

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