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Enterprise Risk

The Office of Enterprise Risk (OER) is led by Chief Risk Officer Gregory A. Keith.

The office is responsible for monitoring and managing the corporation’s aggregate risk and ensuring compliance with risk policies, developing and maintaining corporate-wide procedures for risk management, and providing independent evaluation and oversight of all risk management activities. The office is divided into two divisions – the Counterparty Risk Analysis Division and the Operational Risk Analysis Division.  

The Counterparty Risk Analysis Division establishes enterprise-wide risk policies and standards related to the management, analysis, and oversight of potential, active, and dormant Ginnie Mae Issuers. The responsibility includes coordination and approval of new Issuers and monitoring high-touch Issuer compliance and performance. This division is also responsible for performing detail analytical and modeling activities that ultimately will drive Ginnie Mae’s risk appetite and policies.

The Operational Risk Analysis Division plans and executes major projects, studies and analyzes corporate risk issues and issues involved in the housing market at-large. This division independently assesses risk from inadequately designed or failed execution of internal processes, people and technology or from external events that have an impact on Ginnie Mae. As a result of its assessments, the division formulates innovative approaches and strategies to manage risk and identify emerging risks and trends.

Last Modified: 7/3/2014 9:00 AM