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Capital Markets

The Office of Capital Markets (OCM) is led by Senior Vice President John F. Getchis.

The office directs and manages all capital markets activities and administers the Ginnie Mae multiclass securities programs, including the Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC), Platinum Securities, Callable Trusts, Stripped Mortgage-Backed Securities, among others. The office’s prime stakeholders are broker-dealers, asset managers, hedge funds, banks, and insurance companies. The office coordinates with Ginnie Mae partners to offer solutions and programmatic insight to aid the marketing of existing securities products and developing new programs that are designed to broaden the investor base of all Ginnie Mae securities. With a team of experienced professionals and a suite of sophisticated electronic platforms, the office enables our stakeholders to evaluate, track, and execute multiclass transactions.

In addition, the office conceptualizes and manages new product development, identifies budget and resource implications, prepares related operating procedures, and coordinates with other Ginnie Mae offices to assure appropriate operations resources, infrastructure, and technology management support. Additionally, the office provides capital market policy guidance used to efficiently administer the Multiclass Program.

The Office of Capital Markets contains three major functional areas – Structured Solutions, Market Intelligence, and Global Emerging Market client coverage for Official Institutions.


Last Modified: 7/3/2014 9:58 AM