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Multiclass Securities Guide


The Ginnie Mae Multiclass Securities Guide is divided into seven sections:

​AllRegs ​PDF ​Section Name ​Updated
Part I​ Part I ​REMIC, MX and Guideline Tranactions and Documents ​01/01/2014
Part II Part II Additional Guidelines and Documents for REMIC Transactions​ 01/01/2014​​​​
Part III​ Part III Platinum Securities Transactions​ 01/01/2014​
Part IV​ Part IV Multifamily Transactions​ 01/01/2014​
Part V​ Part V Call and Callable Class Securities​ 01/01/2014​
Part VI​ Part VI Stripped Mortgage-Backed Securities (SMBS)​ 01/01/2014​
Part VII Part VII HREMIC Transactions 01/01/2014​
Base OC Base OC ​Single-Family Base Offering Circular ​01/01/2014
Base OC Base OC ​Multifamily Base Offering Circular ​10/01/2011

Update to Guides and Requirements

Ginnie Mae notifies Issuers of periodic changes in guidelines and requirements through All Participants Memoranda (APMs) and changes to the MBS Guide.

Last Modified: 12/31/2013 9:14 AM